Teacher Workload – Time and Cost Reviews

Teacher Workload  Time and Cost Reviews

Timetabling, workload and teacher contact time reviews are hot topics at the moment. Questions schools are asking are:

1) Is our current pupil teacher ratio sustainable in the medium term?
2) Are our pupil numbers consistent between year groups and have we considered the implications of increasing/decreasing year-groups on future subject offerings?
3) Do we have the right number of teachers for each year-group and subject or are they now out of balance with demand?
4) Are our class sizes sustainable and if not what can we do about it? Where are the most obvious areas of over staffing? Are there any subjects which are no longer economic to run?
5) Are we using our best teachers most effectively and in the areas in which they can contribute most to the school?
6) Are our most popular co-curricular activities those which are our school’s USP’s or are we simply filling up the co-curricular programme?

Baines Cutler has developed a unique teacher workload modelling system which analyses and then costs teacher time. We don’t just look at the timetable, but also at pastoral, co-curricular, sports, clubs and other duties. We analyse and cost all of every teacher’s timer commitments and report back. Example time and cost reports are attached below. If you would like to find out more about our services or discuss your requirements please Contact Rhiannon with your issues 

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Download the Example Senior Day & Boarding School Teacher Time Report.pdf


Download the Example Senior Day & Boarding School Teacher Cost Report.pdf