Financial KPI’s for schools

Financial KPIs for schools

With growing pressures on school finances many schools are looking to improve the management information they prepare and have available to support senior management and governor decisions. This inevitably leads to questions such as what are the most important KPI’s for our school, how do we measure our comparative performance against peer schools and what is best practice in reporting?

Baines Cutler has unique knowledge of school KPI’s and indeed Tim Baines has been instrumental in developing many of the KPI’s now used by the sector. Examples would be the investment surpluses model, the 10%/12% surplus KPI’s, the 4% finance cost KPI and many of the key warning indicators. Through our financial benchmarking surveys we have access to detailed information on nearly every major UK school over the last 20 years and our customised benchmarking service allows us to flex the results by size and type of school and by UK region to compare our clients’ results solely against peer schools. Tim Baines has been the leading school’s audit partner in the UK over the last 10 years and he has acted for schools of all sizes and types, including many of the UK’s very top schools. We therefore have unique knowledge about how schools approach setting KPI’s.

In working with our clients on developing KPI’s we use our benchmarking work to inform but we also seek to understand the unique factors about our clients which might mean that KPI’s need to be flexed or new ones developed to suit their particular circumstances. We have worked with just about every type and size of school and also have first-hand knowledge of international schools, overseas franchise schools and schools which teach to different curricula e.g. the IB, the IGCSE or American curriculum AP and SATs. If you would like to find out more about our services or discuss your requirements please Contact Tm with your issues.

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